Prepare Your Car for Spring Driving During April National Car Care Month

2017 Jeep Cherokee Spring Road Trip

As welcome as warmer temperatures during spring time are, car owners need to ensure that their vehicles are in excellent health for ensured reliability in spring and summer. The extreme temperatures during winter can put a vehicle through its paces. Almost every part of your vehicle, from engine belts to windscreen wiper blades, are affected by icy temperatures. At Ontario Auto Center, we have qualified mechanics who are highly trained in car maintenance to prepare your car for spring.  Continue reading Prepare Your Car for Spring Driving During April National Car Care Month

Check Out the Newly Redesigned 2017 Jeep Compass

2017 Jeep Compass Models

Jeep is the authentic SUV with over 75 years of class-leading capability, craftsmanship and versatility. Get ready for the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass to continue that heritage unmatched attributes in the compact-SUV segment. The second-generation 2017 Jeep Compass boasts superior on-road driving, innovative safety and technology features, and an authentic Jeep design offering legendary off-road performance. The Jeep Compass redesign is available in four different trim configurations: Sport, Latitude, Limited, and the Trailhawk® with legendary off-road capabilities.  Continue reading Check Out the Newly Redesigned 2017 Jeep Compass

5 Great Minivans For Your Family

2017 Toyota Sienna Front Exterior

If you’re in the market for a minivan, you have many great options. Check out our list of five of the hottest minivan models on the market today. There are many new minivans for sale near Chino, CA. Stop into Ontario Auto Center to explore our new vehicles for sale in Ontario, CA, including these must-see minivans.  Continue reading 5 Great Minivans For Your Family

Ride Off to a New Start in One of Our Exciting 2017 Models

2017 Ford Explorer Exterior in Red

While you may want to focus on New Year resolutions like going back to gym or starting a healthier eating plan, signing the papers on a new car could help you save thousands of dollars, and worth looking into in 2017. Check out our 2017 models for sale near San Bernardino, CA at Ontario Auto Center. Here are a few models that we think you’ll enjoy driving into 2017 and beyond.  Continue reading Ride Off to a New Start in One of Our Exciting 2017 Models

Make Old Man Winter Your Car’s Best Friend

Susquehanna Winter Drive
Susquehanna Winter Drive” by likeaduck via Flickr (CC 2.0)

Who doesn’t love summer?  Frolicking in the summer sun and splashing in oceans, lakes and swimming pools is always fun. But there is also something special about winter. Festive holidays like Christmas and the New Year bring excitement with friends and family. However, winter can also be a challenging time for your car.

Winter car maintenance is important to ensure that your winter will be safer and happier. How can you make sure that your cars will be winter-ready? By following these winter car maintenance tips:

Continue reading Make Old Man Winter Your Car’s Best Friend

Drive Safe this Holiday Season with One of These Incredibly Safe Vehicles

New Lexus RX 350 Rear Exterior in Black

Driving over the holidays can be pretty stressful. Since there is usually so much traffic on the road, you could end up sitting in a traffic jam instead of spending time with your family. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that the holiday period is particularly dangerous around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

So how can you stay safe driving for the holidays? You can start by having the safest vehicle possible! Consider getting one of these top safe vehicles before you travel this holiday season:  Continue reading Drive Safe this Holiday Season with One of These Incredibly Safe Vehicles

Remember to Make October your Fall Car Care Month!

Car Drive in Autumn
Image by It’s me, Nik via Flickr

At Ontario Auto Center in Chino, CA, we know the importance of checking your car well ahead of the winter season. You need to know your car is safe and secure and ready for the winter conditions as we approach the end of the year. You can either do this yourself or take your car to a reputable mechanic to do it for you. If you’re in Corona, CA, you can bring your car to one of our dealerships for the most comprehensive fall maintenance and repair service in the district!  Continue reading Remember to Make October your Fall Car Care Month!

Getting Out of Your Car Just Became Tougher with these Cozy Interiors

2017 Nissan Maxima Interior

When buying a new car, everyone looks at color and body style. After all, you definitely want a car that looks nice. But when you are in that car every day, what are you going to spend the most time doing: Looking at the exterior, or enjoying the comfort and details of the interior? Continue reading Getting Out of Your Car Just Became Tougher with these Cozy Interiors

3 New Vehicles that Make Back-to-School Exciting

2016 Toyota Corolla Heading Back to School

“Back to School.”

Those 3 words strike fear in children everywhere. Nothing puts a damper on summer more than having to think about returning to school. However, hope is not lost! Three exciting new vehicles can help you change the back-to-school blues into happy tunes. Returning to school in the Chino, Corona or Norco areas of Ontario, CA will be more enjoyable in a 2016 Toyota Corolla, 2016 Mazda Mazda3 or 2016 Honda Civic from our new vehicle inventory. Continue reading 3 New Vehicles that Make Back-to-School Exciting

Tips for Improving Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

2016 Ford Edge in Black

We’re all looking for simple ways to save extra money. In today’s world of fluctuating gas prices, paying attention to your vehicle’s fuel economy is a great way to painlessly save yourself some cash. Here are five tips that anyone can implement to get the most out of their vehicle:

1. Drive Slower and Brake Moderately
This isn’t a glamorous tip, but it’s the easiest to implement and it will keep you safer too. Reduce your driving speeds as much as possible and pay attention to your braking and accelerating habits. Avoid slamming on the brakes or accelerating rapidly and you’ll be on your way to enjoying enhanced fuel economy, plus your brakes will last longer!

2016 Nissan Rogue In Red

2. Remove Roof Racks and Equipment Racks When Not Using
Most people don’t bike or ski everyday. Make your vehicle lighter and more aerodynamic (and consequently more fuel efficient) by removing racks and holders when not in use.

3. Change Your Engine Air Filter, Your Oil, and Your Oil Filter
A well-functioning engine requires less gas to run properly. Pay attention to these three things and you’ll notice a huge difference in fuel economy. At Ontario Auto Center, we would be happy to help with these routine maintenance tasks.

4. Replace Your Spark Plugs
This is another simple, affordable replacement that can improve your vehicle’s overall functioning and fuel efficiency too.

2016 Nissan Rogue Seating Space

5. Remove Any Unneeded Cargo from Your Vehicle
Make sure that your vehicle isn’t full of junk. Not only will you enjoy a cleaner, more spacious vehicle, you’ll be lightening up your car and consequently getting more miles from your gasoline.

Ultimately, a car that is in good running order gets the best gas mileage. If you feel that your car is in need of professional service – or if you’re looking to trade it in for a more inherently fuel efficient vehicle – visit Ontario Auto Center. We have an unparalleled selection of 2016 new vehicles for sale in Ontario, CA. We also serve clients from the surrounding cities of Chino, Corona, and Norco, CA. We’d love to help you too! Contact us today.