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Dually vs. Standard Pickup Truck: Which is Right for You? 

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Truck shopping in the sprawling expanse of the Inland Empire, especially the bustling heart of Ontario, California, brings a set of challenges that few other pursuits can match. You’re not just choosing a new or used truck, but an extension of your lifestyle.

For many, the decision often boils down to one quandary: Dually vs. Standard Pickup Truck. Which one should you go for? 

What is a Dually Truck? 

For the uninitiated in the realm of car shopping, a dually truck (often just “dually”) is a pickup truck with a set of dual rear wheels on each side. Essentially, it’s a truck that has six wheels instead of the standard four. At a glance, the dually’s imposing stance makes a bold statement. But this design isn’t just about looks. 

Advantages of Dually Trucks 

  • Towing and Payload Capacity: Dually trucks are workhorses. With those extra wheels, they can handle heavier loads. Whether you’re towing a large boat, trailer, or carrying hefty payloads, a dually has the muscle and stability. 
  • Stability: The additional rear wheels provide increased stability, which is especially important when towing. You’ll feel the difference when cruising down the busy highways of the Inland Empire. 
  • Traction: More wheels equate to better traction. This is crucial, especially in slippery conditions or rugged terrains. 

However, as with anything, there are trade-offs. 

Disadvantages of Dually Trucks 

  • Fuel Economy: The increased weight and size of a dually mean that these trucks typically consume more fuel than their standard counterparts. 
  • Maneuverability: Navigating tight spaces or crowded Ontario parking lots can be more challenging. 
  • Price and Maintenance: Duallies usually come with a higher price tag, and the additional wheels mean potential extra costs in terms of maintenance and tire replacements. 

Links to Dual Wheel Inventory at Ontario Auto Center: Ram, Ford  

Standard Pickup Trucks 

Standard pickup trucks are what most people visualize when they think of “trucks.” With two wheels on each axle, they’re nimbler than their dually counterparts. 

Advantages of Standard Pickup Trucks 

  • Fuel Efficiency: Generally, standard trucks offer better fuel economy. This can be a significant advantage for those who are mindful of their fuel consumption, especially during regular commutes in California. 
  • Versatility: The blend of power and size makes standard trucks versatile, suitable for both daily drives and moderate towing needs. 
  • Price: Generally speaking, standard pickups have a more approachable initial price point. This can make car shopping, whether for a new car or a used car, more accessible to many in the Ontario region. 

Disadvantages of Standard Pickup Trucks 

  • Limited Towing and Payload Capacity: While they can handle a fair amount of weight, standard trucks don’t have the same brute strength as a dually. 
  • Reduced Traction with Heavy Loads: With only one set of rear wheels, they might struggle a bit with traction when carrying or towing significant loads. 


View our inventory of Standard Pickup Trucks Here: Ram, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep , and Hyundai Santa Cruz 

Dually vs. Standard Pickup Truck: The Verdict 

Your choice between a dually and a standard pickup truck largely hinges on your specific needs. 

  • If you’re frequently towing heavy trailers or have substantial payload requirements, the dually is a formidable ally. Imagine making those trips across the Inland Empire, from Ontario to Riverside, with a heavy load in tow; the dually’s stability and power shine in such scenarios. 
  • On the other hand, if you’re seeking a versatile vehicle for a blend of daily drives, occasional hauls, and weekend adventures, the standard pickup might be your ideal match. Car shopping in Ontario and surrounding areas will present numerous options in this category to suit various budgets and preferences. 

 Regardless of your choice, remember that both dually and standard trucks offer a plethora of features, trim levels, and capabilities. Ensure you’re consulting with a trusted dealership, exploring all available options, and making an informed decision. 

For a comprehensive range of both dually and standard pickup trucks, and to dive deeper Visit us at Ontario Auto Center.  

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